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Start accept cryptos today

A real merchant for cryptos

We’re constantly trying to express ourselves and actualize our dreams.

Non custodial wallet

We do not custody the money, you are you bank.

Traceability of transactions

Increases control of received transactions.

Multi-store platform

You can create and manage different individual stores within one place.

APIs for integration with third parties

Easy integration with web administrative systems

Your business - Your vision

Download iblo here and increase profitability your profit.

With iblo

Evolve the way you receive your payment

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Receive payments in bitcoin
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Receive payments without commissions
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Works on mobile phones, tablets and third-party POS

Mila Skylar

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Safeguard your bitcoins without intermediaries
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State-of-the-art cryptocurrency payment processor

With iblo, receiving bitcoin as a form of payment for goods and services will be completely simple, your company will have full access to payments received, real-time reports of sales made at each point of sale, and total security thanks to our non-custodial technology.